- Priya Dey and Shona Manson Shona Manson: Seeing that we were just settling into our host homes, the Pravah ICS programme was just starting and realising that me and my counterpart, Priya needed to start preparing for the first Active Citizenship Day (ACD) on quality of education, was daunting and nerve-wrecking to say the... Continue Reading →


By Lucy Martin-Patrick One of the things I was most worried about when I was going on Pravah ICS placement was having to live with a host family. I’m defiantly someone who likes their own space and prefers to live alone, and the idea of living with someone who I had never met before, and... Continue Reading →

By Rhue Findlater We have a promise That I know you will keep There are no doubts I know we will meet Again in four years When you graduate Your soul is too strong Your spirit too great So when I say four years I do mean it And when you say Everything will have changed... Continue Reading →

By Jake Mann Since the 17th of January I have been living in a village in rural India called Kardala along with my eight other team members. We are all taking part in a placement facilitated by Pravah ICS, a non-government organisation which works in the development sector. Pravah ICS collaborates with the host organisation... Continue Reading →

Jordan L. Francis I have lived in a foreign community for three months now. With only a week left before I have to say farewell to the people that have accepted me as a part of their family, I am faced with many reflections of the whirlwind that has been my time here. I remember... Continue Reading →

It was the 31st December 2017, the last day of the year and all of us in a small community of Rajasthan gathered to welcome the new year with a lot of warmth and ardour. It was the very first time our team joined hands with the youth to achieve something. Furthermore, Youth is the... Continue Reading →

It is very difficult to recall and arrange your memories and weave them into words when you are not a gifted writer. There are various memories and experiences which deserve to be recorded. I also have an experience and a beautiful memory of a journey which is much needed to be written, to be shared... Continue Reading →

The Power of 5th Space

For me, the 5th space is a safe space which is free of judgement, and where a person can comfortably and openly speak about who they are. As people, we should all be encouraged to look at situations from different perspectives, which will consequently allow us to challenge our own perspective. There’s no pressure to change, and any conclusions drawn about oneself should come solely from within – because no one should define you other than you.

Development cannot be a diktat from the top, and it has to flow from the bottom, and led by those who would be impacted by it. And that nobody should (can) be left behind.

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